We had one poster and one oral presentation at the annual Experimental Biology Conference, held in Boston MA this year.


Presentation at the Obesity Week 2015 in Los Angeles, November 2-6.

Kiersten Kronschnabel, Valerie Everett, Lauren Frymus, Aaron Plotke, Nusrat Habib, Khiem Nguyen, Amy Gorin, PhD. “Poster.” Effects of Calorie Exercise Equivalent Labeling on Consumption of High-Calorie Foods in a College Dinning Hall.

Jennifer Garza, Alicia Dugan, Pouran Faghri, Amy Gorin, Tania Huedo-Medina, PhD, Anne Kenny,4 Martin Cherniack,1 Jennifer Cavallari. “Poster.” Factors Associated with Change in Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage in Manufacturing Workers Across Different Age Groups.

Pouran Faghri, Tania B. Huedo Medina, Phd, Christina Mignano, Winnie Chin, and Martin Cherniack. “Poster.” Psychological and physical determinants of overweight and obesity in high stress workplaces.


Presentation at American of Public Health Association, Chicago, 31 October -4 November

Jennifer Garza, Alicia Dugan, Pouran Faghri, Amy Gorin, Tania Huedo-Medina, PhD, Anne Kenny, Martin Cherniack, Jennifer Cavallari. “Poster.” Demographic, Health-Related, and Work-Related Factors Associated with Body Mass Index Among Manufacturing Workers in Different Age Groups.


Presentation at American Society of Bone and Mineral Research Conference, Seattle, Washington, 2015, October 9-12

Jessica D. Bihuniak, Rebecca Sullivan, Tania B. Huedo-Medina, PhD, Irina Rosewater, Donna Caseria, Kimberly O’Brien, Jane E Kerstetter, Karl L Insogna. “Poster.” The Effects of a Longer-Term, Low-Protein Diet on Calcium Absorption and Kinetic Measures of Bone Turnover in Young Women.



Bihuniak, Jessica D., PhD, RD, Tania B. Huedo-Medina, PhD, Marissa Garcia, RD, Anne Kenny, MD, and Jane Kerstetter, PhD, RD”. Poster.”Methodological Quality of Meta-Analyses on the Mediterranean Diet and Cardiovascular Disease. Experimental Biology, Massachussetts, Boston. April 1, 2015.

Garcia, Marissa, RD, Jessica D. Bihuniak, PhD, RD, Anne Kenny, MD, Jane Kerstetter, PhD, RD, and Tania B. Huedo-Medina, PhD. “Oral Presentation.” The Efficacy of the Mediterranean Diet on Obesity Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis. Experimental Biology, Massachussetts, Boston. March 30, 2015.