Current Lab Members

Tania Huedo

Tania B. Huedo-Medina

Ph.D., Biostatistics for Social and Health Sciences, Autonomous, Complutense, & National University of Madrid, Spain, Department of Methodology of Behavioral Sciences

Director of Biostatistics Core (Institute for Collaboration, Health, Intervention, and Policy) and Assistant Professor of Biostatistics (Department of Allied Health Sciences; Statistics Department; Department of Community Medicine and Health Care- School of Medicine, UCH) at the University of Connecticut.

Aviana Rosen

Aviana Rosen

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies, University of Connecticut, 2014

Currently working as Project Coordinator for Cuba Research Initiative.

Research interests: sexual health, HIV/AIDS, International Public Health, Latino Studies and Mediterranean diet.

Goals for the future: To continue working on these projects with Dr. Tania Huedo-Medina, and hopefully to expand to do work in more Ibero-American countries. She hope to work in a career that allows her to help and educate others around the world in sexual health and to work to form successful intervention and prevention efforts.

Marisa Creatura

RD, Master's in Health Promotion

Research Interests: How the Mediterranean Diet impacts various disease states. How the Mediterranean Diet compares to certain medications alone and in combination with the medication to impact disease.
Goals for Future: Work in a career that allows me to continue to research, educate, and spread awareness of the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet to promote lifestyle change and healthier dietary habits in Americans.

Nusrat Habib

Nusrat Habib

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M. B. B. S.) Dhaka, Bangladesh 2011.
Master of Science in Health Promotion in the Department of Allied Health Sciences at University of Connecticut, 2016.

Research Interests: HIV/AIDS: Work on HIV to prevent HIV spread through behavioral interventions. Find out different ART effects on body composition change in HIV infected patients in appropriate HIV medicine selection by the physicians to minimize side effects/toxicity and maintain body balance.

Goals: Work as a researcher to contribute in Public Health worldwide targeting HIV patients through effective HIV prevention intervention by improving structural frame to reduce HIV transmission.

Katie Feeney

Katie Feeney

Undergrad Student

Katie is an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut.  She will graduate in May, 2016 with a B.S. in Allied Health Sciences and a Mathematics minor.

Katie’s research interests are pediatric health, obesity prevention, and obesity intervention. Katie has conducted research at Boston Children’s Hospital in affiliation with Harvard Medical School and the Anesthesia Clinical Research Unit. Currently, she is conducting a meta-analysis investigating bariatric surgery in adolescent patients. In the future,  Katie plans to obtain an MSN and PhD to practice as a Nurse Practitioner and continue research.

Eva Yujia Li

Eva Yujia Li

BA Psychology, Statistics, Mount Holyoke College
Ed.M. Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University

Currently working as inCHIP Biostats Core manager.

She is a fourth year doctoral student in the Research Methodology, Measurement and Assessment program in the Neag School of Education. Her substantive research interest is children’s mental health and behavioral issues. Her methodological interests are causal inference and measurement models.

Meggy Adorno

BA in global health, University of Connecticut

Research Interest: environmental health, maternal/reproductive health, and infectious diseases with a focus on the Latin American region.

Goals for future: attaining an MPH in epidemiology and spending a year working with the Global Health Corps before committing to a health organization/department.

Francisco Cifuentes Villaroel

Francisco Cifuentes Villarroel

Undergraduate Junior, double major (BA) in Statistics and Economics with a mathematics minor

Research interests: Addictive behaviors, cardiovascular disease prevention, survival analysis
Future plans: Enter a PhD program in biostatistics after graduating.
Achievements: Studied for six weeks in the Summer Institute of Biostatistics program sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Lilia Falcon

Lilia Falcon

Undergraduate Student majoring in Allied Health Sciences and minoring in Molecular and Cell Biology

Research Interest: Genetics, Small RNAs, Cancer Genomics, Public Health, Inequality and Civil Rights.

Goals to the future: attending medical school to specialize in Emergency Medicine and Health Promotion.

Merits and achievements:

Graduated Cum Laude from Norwalk Community College in less than two years

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar 2015-2017

Learning Community Ambassador for La Comunidad Intelectual

Ian George

Profile Under Construction

Seo Yeong Lee

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Shane Sacco

Profile Under construction.

Javier Cabrera

Javier Cabrera García

Industrial Engineer, University Miguel Hernández of Elche, Spain

Currently working as a research assistant for the team of Dr. Tania Huedo-Medina.