From Data to Knowledge

The Lab SIPED is a group of student researchers, under the direction of Dr. Huedo-Medina, dedicated to expanding knowledge in various areas of research through statistical measures. The lab consists of undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of education backgrounds, including: Allied Health, Education, Mathematics, Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology, and more. These backgrounds serve as the foundation of knowledge that each individual uses in their research. The Lab SIPED is part of the initiatives of UConn inCHIP.

Active SIPED Projects:

Statistical techniques in meta-analysis

  • Modeling individual-participant data using mediation/moderation techniques
  • Bayesian estimates
  • Measurement harmonization techniques
  • Heterogeneity in meta-analysis

Nutrition, your Gut, and chronic diseases

  • Mediterranean diet
  • Gluten-related disorders
  • Obesity prevention


  • Behavioral prevention interventions
  • Treatment adherence

Advancing Global Health Cuba-US

  • Building collaborations to prevent and treat HIV, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease
  • Evidence-based methodology capacity building

Other Collaborative Projects: See publications for details.