My research interests are involved on refining the statistical techniques related to evidence-based methodology and in developing new methods for individual-level meta-analytic data. As well as collaborating with many other scholars from health related disciplines to apply the most advanced statistical techniques and to know the statistical needs in the health and biological related fields in order to improve the discipline of applied statistics.

SIPED is a research group with research assistants from both statistics and health related disciplines.

My current research goal is to apply multilevel mediation/moderation modeling techniques to complex health topics like obesity and other immunology-related diseases that can be triggered by our health style behaviors, e.g., diet, exercise. One of the diseases I am focusing on is celiac disease, a disease with multiple layers including genomics, environment, and biological factors. Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity describe the spectrum of manifestation of a serious condition that appears to be affecting an increasing proportion of the population, producing a host of co-morbidities that have a significant impact on public health.

Recnetly I have been working and pilot testing innovative multilevel modeling techniques focusing on HIV and the Mediterranean Diet scientific literature, projects funded by the University of Connecticut, NIH, and AHRQ.